Morning Star achievement center building

Capital Campaign has begun

Morning Star’s Creating Our Furture capital campaign is investing $3,000,000 to expand and improve our campus facilities providing:

  • needed space for the Transition Program and growing high school enrollment
  • strengthened campus security
  • space for life skills classrooms
  • efficient traffic flow and improved parking

Our vision focuses on creating the spaces and providing the resources necessary to meet the critical need and growing demand for a Transition Program providing educational options for our high school graduates. The entire project will strengthen our school for all our students, kindergarten through age 22.

This is an exciting and pivotal time in Morning Star School’s history. Please support us as we create a school that will meet the needs of our students – grade school, high school and young adult – with identified learning challenges.

If you are interested in helping our dreams become a reality, please reach out to our school, 727-544-6036 or email our principal, Mrs. Sue Conza.