Why give to the kids at Morning Star School?

It’s hard to do special education well.

Special education by its very nature is challenging because it is hard to do well.  While we may intuitively know this, national statistics also support that conclusion.

According to a 2011 report by the U.S. Department of Education, the national high school dropout rate for children with disabilities in 2009 was 15.5%. This is about double the rate of their non-disabled peers (7.8%).  For those who stay in school, the road is not easy.  In 2009-2010, in a report recently published by the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), 18% of middle school students with a disability received out-of-school suspensions versus 7% of their non-disabled peers.  In high school, that number grew to 20% of disabled students receiving out-of-school suspensions versus 7% of their non-disabled high school peers.

It’s hard to do well.  It’s costly.

Morning Star tuition for the 2021-2022 school year totals $12,775.  However, the REAL cost of educating a single student at our school is about 43% more than the charged tuition.  Tuition alone does not cover the cost of the school’s operating expenses.  Morning Star School is dependent upon the generosity of our booster group, the success of our fundraisers, and the support from the community. We need to ensure that our children have the tools to develop into educated, well-rounded, productive, successful members of society.  It’s worth it. They are worth it.

It’s hard to do well.  It’s costly.  It’s worth it.  

Here’s what our parents say:

“I keep trying to figure out what Morning Star is doing to bring all this wonderful normal speech and behavior out of my child.  Maybe it is as simple as:  small classrooms, a quiet controlled atmosphere and trained teachers who really care about children.”

“The time, love, energy, and patience the teachers invest in each student help all children struggling with disabilities gain independence.”

“I wish I had found Morning Star sooner.”

“It is hard to explain how a child’s happiness effects the whole family unit.  Morning Star is not only doing wonders for our son, but for all of us, as we marvel at his improvements.”

“Morning Star is a safe and caring place for our child.  The academics challenge him at his level—at or above grade level for some subjects and below grade level in others.  There is praise for his successes but no stigma in his difficulties.  The support services he receives like language therapy and OT, are superb.  The aftercare program is wonderful, as are the art and music programs.  This is not just a school, it is a community.”